Offered Listings

Arts & Crafts

Floral art
Handmade cards
Photo restoration

Building Services

Decorating incl textiles

Business & Administration

Proof reading Experienced in checking documents for spelling, grammar etc, particularly if English is a second language. Plenty of notice required for long documents. (5 stones)
Proof reading
Small word processing tasks

Children & Childcare

Babysitting (local)
Childcare / babysitting (registered)
Occasional babysitting


PC help / fault finding
Tape to MP3 transfer


Veggie cookery for beginners If you are new to cooking or new to vegetarian cookery, I can help you learn some basic skills and recipes to get started. (5 stones)

Gardening & Yard Work

Herb cuttings Cuttings of marjoram (2 varieties), lemon sorrel and mint (spearmint & peppermint) available during late spring/early autumn
Home produced compost (limited supply) I usually have some home-produced compost which I'm happy to share. Not sterile so likely to have seeds in it which may sprout. Bring your own bucket to take it away! Also several bottles of liquid compost from wormery - diluted it is good for houseplants.
Sale: houseplant cuttings cuttings may be available of spider plants, aloe vera, rubber plant, queen's tears, peace lily, cactus, streptocarpus.


Advice on clutter busting
Childrens books
Oven cleaning please provide oven cleaner (10 stones)

Personal: Counselling

Advice on time management

Personal: Health

Advice / support on R.S.I (repetitive strain injury)
Aromatherapy massage
Feldenkrais - awareness through movement
Hair cutting (basic trim)
Indian head massage
Massage, including deep tissue
Metamorphic technique
On site massage
Refelxology (I.T.E.C.)
Reflexology (MAR)
Reiki (Usui)
Reiki - 2nd degree


Dog sitting / walking
Weekend dog walking


1 to 1 yoga tuition
Cookery tuition incl special diets
Help with Religious Education to A level
Home management tuition
Music tuition Tuition in Violin, Piano or Music Theory. All ages. Beginners upwards. Half hour lessons usual! Payment: alternate weeks cash/stones. (32 or 10 stones)
Textile craft tuition


Car and driver inc child seats
Driver (no car)
Lifts to places
Transport and delivery