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Freecycle is about landfill and the environment, but it is also about building local communities. Therefore, Sheffield Freecycle is expected to become even more local, and the next few years will see a great many more groups throughout Sheffield, each serving a local area with a population of 15-20,000 people. The only limitation being the number of volunteers required to run the groups.

The first step was to divide Sheffield Freecycle into two areas, one serving the North and West, and the other for the South and East. Sheffield Freecycle was the second Freecycle group to be set up in the UK, back in 2003. Back then, no one anticipated the phenomenal success that Freecycle would become, locally, nationally and globally. `Going local' is the future and is in the true spirit of Freecycle. Sheffield Freecycle is changing into two groups – one serving South and East, and the other for the North and West of the city. After the end of March 2009 the original Sheffield Freecycle group will be closed for new messages.

Sheffield LETS supports the aims and philosophy of Sheffield Freecycle because it has personal, collective, community and environmental benefits. It reduces the 'competition' for items; saves money - by reducing the amount of travelling that group members need to do to give and receive items; reduces abuse of the system as the community is less anonymous - members get to know each other better which leads to fewer 'bad behaviours' (this will become apparent the more local the groups become); local groups make Freecycle more accessible to people with no transport, van or trailer - bulky items may even be collectible on foot if they are only a few streets away; increases good neighbourliness; enhances the local community spirit; reduces the negative environmental impact - distance travelled is lessened, reducing the carbon foot print.

If you’d like to join, here’s what you need to do: Join the group for the area you live in (see list below) - this will be your Home Group. Post your offer/request to your Home Group at least 24 hours before trying other Freecycle groups. Use your local area name and postcode area in the subject line of all your messages. You are requested not to post on the original Sheffield group. Initially, the Sheffield Freecycle groups will still be very large, so you are requested to initially join ONLY the group covering the area that you live in (your `home group').

Sheffield South and East Freecycle group: This group covers the electoral wards and the areas within: • Arbourthorne • Beauchief & Greenhill • Beighton • Burley • Broomhill • Central • Dore & Totley • Ecclesall • Fulwood • Gleadless Valley • Graves Park • Manor Castle • Mosborough • Nether Edge • Richmond • Woodhouse

Sheffield North and West Freecycle group: This group covers the electoral wards and the areas within: • Burngreave • Crookes • Darnel • East Ecclesfield • Firth Park • Hillsborough • Shiregreen & Brightside • Southey • Stannington • Stocksbridge & Upper Don • Walkley • West Ecclesfield