Etiquette when using LETS

To avoid misunderstandings and embarrassment when contacting other LETS members to arrange a trade please observe the following guidelines:

• Agree the price before the trade takes place. Will it be stones only, or a mixture of cash and stones? If you are asking someone to travel a long distance to get to you it might be good to offer to pay towards their travel expenses.

• Check any qualifications/experience/references etc with the member beforehand if this is important to you.

• Please be courteous and respect other members. If you cannot make a previously arranged appointment, please let the other person know in good time.

• Please note that LETS is primarily a means of exchanging skills and goods. Whilst we do hope this will lead to friendships being forged, please respect the privacy of other members and don't make unwanted advances of a personal nature.

• Remember – an offer to trade is just that – an offer. You do not have to accept. If, for any reason you do not wish to take it up, just refuse politely. You do not have to go into detailed reasons.

• Please contact a member of the co-ordinating team if you have any difficulties using LETS or have experienced untoward behaviour from another member.

Sharing Directory Information
Please note that the contact details of LETS members published in the directory are for the use of members only.

SPENDING STONES ON A FRIEND? From time to time LETS members may want to spend their stones on a friend or relative who is not a LETS member. If you wish to do this please follow these guidelines:
• Either: Contact the person you wish to trade with and arrange the trade yourself
• Or: Contact the person you wish to trade with and check that it’s OK with them for their details to be shared. If they are happy with this, then pass on their details so that your friend or relative can make their own arrangements.

IMPORTANT: Please do not share personal details of SLETS members with non-members without the express permission of the members in question.
• If you are approached by a non-member wishing to do a trade, please do not accept unless you have first been approached by a SLETS member on their behalf.
• Do encourage people to join SLETS if they wish to make use of the system. Refer them to the website, where they can find out about the system and join online, otherwise please contact the office if you have any help with this.

Sheffield LETS,
c/o 57-59 Club Garden Road,
S11 8BU
Tel: 07984 038673 • Email: • (temporarily at:

NB Post and messages are dealt with on Wednesday evenings, if left before 8pm.

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