Accessing & Managing your Account on this website

Account Numbers
All account numbers have had a zero added in front, e.g. 123 = 0123 to make them up to four digits, and this four-digit pin is your ID in the system. The reason for this is so that numbers above 999 will continue to be displayed in numerical order in the Members List which is the default order, but you can also sort that list alphabetically or geographically if you want to find members who live near you.

Logging In
Once you've been told that your account is active in the system, if you have not already received a password, you can trigger the system to send you one by going to Contact Us, and following the link to Password Reset. Enter your 4-digit pin and the email address entered for you in the system, and when you click on Reset Password, it triggers an email message to be sent to you. Use the password at the foot of this message together with your ID to log in. If you want to change your password to one you will remember, it's at the top of the menu.

Updating your Profile
When you are working on the system, it's useful to have two browsers open, one for editing, one for looking at these instructions and/or the results of the updating you have done. On the My Profile menu, follow the link to Edit My Personal Information. Check and complete the details, and add some relevant background information in About Me, for example your overall interests and availability, then click on Update. On the My Profile menu follow the links to Upload/Change My Photo - if you don't have a suitable photo on your computer, do ask for help, as it's an important part of your profile.

How to create Offers & Wants
In order for your "Offers" to appear in the Directory, you will need to create them via the My Profile menu. Please make the title begin with capital letter - you can add details afterwards - and choose the most appropriate category. If none of the categories fit, put the item under Uncategorised, and the Directory Editor may create a new Category. You can also create "Wants", and you can update your Offers & Wants at any time.

Incoming Messages
Once all the members have done their entries, the system may be set to trigger update messages by email, or a member of the Co-ordinating Team will collate them in a weekly update. If the update messages are coming automatically, you can switch off this facility in your profile.

Contacting other Members
Looking at the Members List, which you can sort alphabetically, or by postcode to find members near you, the phone numbers are visible. If you click on a members' account number, it opens up into their profile which includes an About Me box (which may indicate availability for phone calls or work sessions), and all their Offers & Wants (which also appear in the Directory). If you click on a members' email address, it opens up a message box, which you can use to email them, and send a copy of the message to yourself.

Advertising an Event
One of the Categories in the Directory is "Events", and you can use this to advertise something you think other members will be interested in, or an event that you are hosting. If you don't want casual viewers of the website to know your address, don't put it in the event listing, just put RSVP, and if members respond, you can tell them the full venue details. Don't forget to complete the "Expires" box, to turn off the listing the day after the event.

Contacting the Co-ordinating Team
The Job Descriptions and Contact Details of the Co-ordinating Team members are available via the Co-ordinating Team Roles and Contacts page. There is also a group address for contacting members of the Core Group collectively at the foot of this page. Alternatively, or if you have a query about something not covered in the above, or if it's unclear, go to Contact Us where there is a user-friendly form. All feedback you can give will enable us to improve these instructions. Thank you in anticipation.

More follows...